East Ayrshire Leisure Guide Sept - Dec 2017 The Guide Sep-Dec 2017 - Page 30

LI B R AR I E S I M PR I N T BOO K F E STIVAL KILLIE N O C C I COM Meet Graham Masterton - Horror writer and creator of Manitou Disappearing Glasgow – Chris Leslie WED 25 OCT · 7PM · £5 DICK INSTITUTE BAFTA Scotland award winning photographer and filmmaker Chris Leslie is widely acknowledged as the most consistent chronicler of the city’s recent history. Here he gives an illustrated talk on his multimedia project and accompanying book Disappearing Glasgow. The skyline of Glasgow has been radically transformed as high rise tower blocks have been blown down and bulldozed. 30% of the city's high rise flats have disappeared since 2006, communities dispersed across the city an HX\[\8&Y[Z\YHH\\&HXHH[[۝X[[Y\ˈ\\\\X\[\š\[H[Z\[H[H]O•\\H]\ \YH][܈[[ۙB[\\Y[H]\[[XHوB'X\ܙY[Xx'KH 0 H00ˍLPSUUBܘZ[HX\\۸&\X]\Hܜ܂]]܈Y[]HX[]H[ NM͋B[[[HوH]]H[Y\X[YYX[BX[Xܛ[H\[^H^X\œ][HۈH]HX[]X[YH[[[\[\[\Y\Y܈[B\[۞H\\˂[H[ܘZ[H\X\Y[ܙH[Hܜ܈ݙ[[Y[\[\KZ\܋[Z[HܝZ][HX\HقܚX[ܘ^KYHوܘZ[x&\ܚY\\H[YY܂[۞H8&\ܜ܈\Y\H[\[HXܙ]Z U[\[\ۂYK\ܝ\Y܈H[H\]\HHܜ܈ܚ]\\X][ۋ[]\ܘZ[H\ܚ][[ܙH[H[Yݙ[[[H[\ BY]X[\KZۊH\\\ݙ[ŠYYK[Z[JH\ܚX[Y\ X[XZY[XYH H\X\Y[B][ܚ[Y\\[\\ KܘZ[H\ܛ[Y[\[ NM []\[\^KH\\[\Yܚ][HX[\X]\[\[[8&\›ۛH[X[H]X]H\\[[[ ]YBXYZ\K][Hܚ[\ܛ ԈPUS MM MM ][ܚ] Q H\U NՈ0 L TKLK TH0 KLˌBH0PSUUBH\\H[]][H]XH[HZXܛ \ۛۈ܈\ܚ܂ Q HY\\ܚ܈HX\\Y\[[Z\ Lܝ[\]][ۈ[\[HۙHۈܚۈ\وZ\[XۚX˜\X\[Y[YHY [\\^\[[]YK\[\BܙX][H\Y\8&ܛH\[&H܈HYHYYY^[KH\[HY[\۝X]܈[XY[H ][XYH\و]ܚX[\X\Y[[[^[]Hܚۈ\\˂H\[H]\[Y[\ [ ёPN MM MML