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I M PR I N T BOO K F E STIVAL I M PR I N T BOO K F E STIVAL John Niven in conversation with David F. Ross An Audience with Graeme Obree – The Flying Scotsman MON 2 OCT · 7PM · £7.50 DICK INSTITUTE Graeme is a cyclist, a parent, a writer and broadcaster. Graeme has never held a driving license and commutes regularly on his bike complete with mud guards, racks and sometimes a trailer. He is a regular contributor on TV and radio and often discusses issues in relation to cycling and mental health. Graeme is the author of two books....so far! His biopic, The Flying Scotsman and his acclaimed training manual, The Obree Way. But many know Graeme as the man who designed and built the Washing Machine bike (Old Faithful), recently voted the most famous bike in the world. Graeme is a legend in the world of cycling and beyond. 26 Catherine Simpson with her daughter and inspiration, Nina Mega WED 4 OCT · 7PM · £5 DICK INSTITUTE Catherine Simpson’s debut novel Truestory was published in 2015. It tells the story of a mother raising a child with autism and was inspired by Catherine’s experience of raising her own autistic daughter, Nina. Catherine received a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2013. Her work has been included in New Writing Scotland, Gutter, New Writing Dundee, The Grind, The Scotsman, Edinburgh University’s ‘Dangerous Women’ project and the ‘Journeys’ and ‘Family Legends’ anthologies produced by Scottish Book Trust. Her story Giuseppe And Rosa Go Up In The World will be turned into a podcast as part of Edinburgh’s ‘Echoes of the City’ project. She has been shortlisted in the Bloody Scotland Short Story competition, the Mslexia Women’s Novel Competition, and the Asham Award. She is 2017 Coastword Festival Writer in Residence and recently received a Hawthornden Fellowship. FOR TICKETS CALL: 01563 554300 THU 5 OCT · 7PM · £10 DICK INSTITUTE John Niven is a Scottish author and screenwriter. Born in Irvine, Ayrshire, Niven read English literature at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 1991 with First Class honours. For the next ten years, he worked for a variety of record companies, including London Records and Independiente. !)ѡͥ䁥ȁѼɥєձ)ѥՉ́͡Ёٕ5ͥ)ɽ AԸ9ٕ́ɕѡɽ՝)ٕ-eȁɥ́́ͅѥɔѡ)̰͕ͥͥ́ɕȁH)ɥݡ͕ѡѼ)ͥ 䁅5͔9ٕ́ͥ)Չ͡Qѕ̰QM) !̰MɅЁ]є5)9)!́QMչ͡ ե͔ 䰁)ɕѱ䁉ٕ́ɔ)ѡɽՍ́Mٕȁ1́A剽)Mɔ1ٔ)٥Í݅́ɸ͝܁)ٕ-ɹȁٕȀ啅̸!)ЁٕQ1Ё͍́݅)͡ѱѕȁѡѡ̜ Ո Ё)9ٕ݅ɐ)Ʌ5Ʌ ɹ)5=8= P ܀A4 ܃ ܸ)% ,%9MQ%QUQ)]ɔѕѼݕ-ɹe)ݸɅ5Ʌ ɹаѡȁѡ(؁5 ȁ͡ѱѕMѥɔAɥ)ݥٕ!́ Aɽи)%́ݽMѥ͠ Q)9܁]ɥѕ́݅ɐ!́ЁٕQ)ͅɅ ԁ͕́Ё)ѡ͵ѽݸMе1ե́Ʌ)ѕ́ѡѽ䁽ѡͅɅ)݅ɕ́ѡЁѡٕ́Ё)ѡٕ́Ё͔ͥȰ5ɕ) յ͕ѕѕѥٔ)ɝ́ͭQ!Ʌ͍ɥЁ+qѥمѥ卡ѡɥˊt)Q݅ɐݥ!́ AɽЁѕ)ѡѽ䁽ɥɑȁɥ)䁄͕ٕѕ啅ȵɽѕȁѥ)Mѥ͠٥丁%Ё́+qѽ͡tQQɅq͡)ɕtQՅɑqtQ)Q̤qѕɱt9܁eɬ)Q̤͕́ЁѼɅͱѕѼɔ)ѡ镸Յ̸%Ё́ͼ)ѥȁ͍ɕM幍ɽ̸)!́ɕѱݽɭܵѼ)QͅɅ Ը)%ɥЁɽiMɅݥЁѡ)ٕи)ѥ́聕х͡ɕɔ(