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ARTS | D ICK I N STIT U T E ARTS | D ICK I N STIT U T E Gaelic Language Visual Art: Project Exhibition studioNathanColey I Am Here: Engagement Programme Exhibition UK PREMIERE Nathan Coley - PALACE PREVIEW THU 14 SEP · 5.30PM-7PM · ALL WELCOME TUE 19 SEP - SAT 23 DEC · MAIN GALLERY Glasgow-based artist Nathan Coley is one For this solo exhibition of newly of Britain’s best-known artists, having been commissioned work for the Dick Institute's shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2007, Main Gallery, Coley has produced a site- and having exhibited widely in the UK specific sculptural installation in response and Europe with both gallery-based and to the architectural and social context publicly-situated artworks. His practice of the building. Here, the work explores focuses on how political and religious ideologies through language and how ideologies come to shape and determine they come to be interpreted over time our built environment. according to different locations, contexts and personal perspectives. 18 eastayrshireleisure.com 22 SEP - 25 NOV YOUNG PEOPLE’S GALLERY PREVIEW THURS 21 SEP - 5.30PM – 7PM From January to April 2017, East Ayrshire Leisure’s Cultural Development team delivered an engagement and learning programme for children and young people from East Ayrshire in partnership with National Museums Scotland and working with O-PiN jewellery makers and educators. The project ran in conjunction with I Am Here, a Crafts Council touring exhibition of contemporary jewellery design at the Dick Institute. The young people participated in exhibition visits and workshops, exploring contemporary jewellery design and experimenting with jewellery making techniques and materials. The works on display were created by the children and young people during the project, and were previously showcased at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh in June 2017. OPENS FRI 1 DEC This exhibition in the Young People’s Gallery celebrates the project and displays work created by pupils P1 to P7 from Onthank Primary School's Gaelic Unit, who have been visiting the Dick Institute every month to participate in Gaelic medium art workshops with a professional visual artist. The pupils explore the changing exhibition programme at the Dick Institute and create their own artwork across a variety of art forms in response to the themes contained in contemporary art, design and collections exhibitions. Funded by Bòrd Na Gaidhlig and East Ayrshire Leisure. TRANSLATION BELOW: Taisbeanadh Ealain Lèirsinneach Gàidhlig FOSGLADH DIHAOINE 1 DÙBHLACHD Tha an taisbeanadh seo ann an Gailearaidh nan Daoine Òga a’ comharrachadh na pròiseict agus a’ taisbeanadh obair a tha air a chruthachadh le sgoilearan P1 gu P7 ann an Aonad Ghàidhlig Bun-sgoil Onthank, agus tha iadsan air a bhith a’ tadhal air Institiùd Dick gach mìos airson com-pàirteachadh ann am bùithtean-obrach ealain tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig air an stiùireadh le neach-ealain lèirsinneach proifeiseanta. Bidh na sgoilearan a’ rannsachadh a’ phrògraim taisbeanaidh atharrachail ann an Institiùd Dick agus a’ cruthachadh an obair-ealain fhèin tarsainn measgachadh de chruthan ealain a tha a’ freagairt air na cuspairean a tha taobh a-staigh ealain cho-aimsireil, deilbh agus taisbeanaidhean de na cruinneachaidhean. Maoinichte le Bòrd na Gàidhlig agus Cur-seachadan Siorrachd Àir an Ear. eastayrshireleisure.com 19