Eaglebrooke Monthly Newsletter P2_EGL74929 June Newsletter - Page 16

L E T T E R F R O M T H E H OA P R E S I D E N T Greetings to our Association Members and Neighbors! The month of June reminds us of summer, clear skies and the warmth of the sun. But what more do we know about this month? Just like all other months of the year have their own significance, June holds a special meaning. June brings the Summer Solstice, which represents the beginning of summer. Among other things, children are on summer break from school, many families head out on their summer vacations, most of the ‘snowbirds’ have returned to their homes in the north, and Florida heats up! Summer break from school means more time for the children of our community to be outside playing. Please drive slowly and watch out for our children and pets. Eaglebrooke speed limit is 20 mph. The purpose of speed limits is to protect residents and guests of the community. I believe that our neighborhood should represent a safe place for residents and families. Speeding vehicles on our roads can cause collisions and fatalities, compromising the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers. Speeding cars pose an unnecessary safety risk for everyone in our community. Please THINK before you accelerate, you may not see another vehicle, a child or a pet until it’s too late if you’re speeding. Thank you! A note about the HOA Annual Meeting: the continuation of the HOA Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 8th. Unfortunately, we had a small turnout for the meeting, and did not reach a quorum. The Board decided that we would not reschedule the Annual Meeting. During the May 8th meeting, we had a good discussion on the proposed Rental Restrictions document. Suggestions on changes to the document were reviewed. Once the document is updated it will be reviewed by our attorney and then distributed to the community. The Board will vote on the updated version at the next Board meeting. The updated document will also be posted to our website at https://www.eaglebrooke.net/document- archive/. The next HOA Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12th at 6:30PM in the Clubhouse. The proposed agenda for this meeting will be posted to our website 1 week prior to the meeting at https://www.eaglebrooke.net/meeting-minutes/. All residents are encouraged to attend. The next Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting will be held on June 12 at 5:30PM, and a summary of decisions from this meeting will be shared with interested residents at 6:00PM in the Clubhouse. ̰́݅I Չͥ)ݥѥՔѼɕ٥ݕɽٕɽ䁉ѡI ́ѡɽ՝ȁAɽ5Ȱ)Q)ՉЁI ѥȁѕɥȁ́Ѽȁ͔܁ѡՍѥܸ́+$Ѽ輽ܹɽ+$͍ɽݸѡ!=5ѼѡEե1́ɕ+$ѡMՉЁѼI ѡ́͡ձѡ܁I ѥ+$ єѡѥՉ)9=Qԁ䁅ͼɥЁѡյЁՉЁЁՅѼ)ݥѠɕեɕɕ)%ԁٔՕѥ́ȁɹ́ЁѡɵѥѡЁ'eٔ)͡ɕѡ́є͔хЁЁѡ)%ӊé܁Ѡ%ӊé܁չѼхЁɕ͠Ѽɕє)܁̰܁̰ٔ܁ٕɕ̸Q፥ѕЁ)յȁ́ɕٔ͠$ԁɕ͠ѡ䁽)չ(؁ɽͱѕȁ)U9)1ѡ