Eaglebrooke Monthly Newsletter P2_EGL74929 June Newsletter - Page 11

LETTER FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT The weather pattern over the past couple of weeks has created many challenges for our team as we had 14+ inches of rain. When the facility receives this type of precipitation, it has a severe impact on mowing schedule and bunker maintenance. Once we return to a more normal weather pattern, our team will have the bunkers put back in place. On a more positive note, during the month of May we sliced the tees and fairways which will help create water movement through the soil giving us a better chance of drying out. The greens have healed quite well from the aerification and we have started the summer culture program (Verti- cutting, spiking and light top dressing) in an effort to continue to keep our greens in good health. Throughout the summer months, we will begin working to get our waste bunkers back on hole #5 & hole #7. Our goal is to have these bunkers back to a more attractive appearance by the end of October. We have recently introduced our “Adopt a Hole” program. This program was requested by many of our members & regulars. It is great to see the support from our people to keep our golf course AWESOME. If you are interested in adopting a hole, please speak to the guys in the golf shop. Juan Perez JUNE eaglebrooke newsletter 11