Eaglebrooke Monthly Newsletter P1_EGL73800 April Newsletter - Page 9

LETTER FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT As many of you have noticed, we are working diligently to complete the bunker renovation on #7, #8, and #15. The bunkers are being reshaped, drainage is being added, and we are replacing the current sand with G-Angle sand. G-Angle sand is an “even-particle” sand that offers a more consistent playing surface. It typically doesn’t “wash-out” as easily during the rainy summer months which will be much easier on my team. We are planning our 1st of 3 aerifications in early May. We will aerify nine holes on May 7th, and the other nine holes on May 8th. Nine holes will be open for play each of these two days. We are delighted with the progress o f the course conditions throughout the winter months and heading into the growing season. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions related to the agronomy side of our business. Juan Perez APRIL eaglebrooke newsletter 09