Library Newsletter June 2014

La lettre de la bibliothèque de l’EABJM EABJM Library Newsletter June 2014 New library website: New library catalogue: Past library newsletters: A new website! A new catalogue! Same friendly staff at the EABJM Library! We invite you to have a look at our new website and catalogue! We are modernizing and making more information available in a single place, with links to our catalogue, digital resources, recommended reading, student press, library news and events. Check out our re-design and consider bringing your classes next year for an in-depth look at the new library system and resources. New library website: New library catalogue: Quotes from our spring user survey: It’s official, students love the library! “The library is awesome!” “I like everything about the library.” “I love sitting there where the scent and view of books envelops me. The library is one of my favourite places!” (5eme student) “I think the library is great – I wouldn’t change anything!” “The number of books there is huge! I love the different types of books: mangas, BDs, documentaries (non-fiction).” “The library is a great place to read and relax.” “It’s my favourite place in the school to work and read in peace, and the librarians are always really helpful and friendly.” “I wouldn’t change anything, it is so good.” (première student) “There is real diversity in the books presented.” “It is very well equipped, and working there is a pleasure” (première student). “It’s a fantastic library, and the librarians are really friendly and helpful.” “Why would I want to change anything? The library system is just great!” “There is a lot of choice of books, we can find all the books we want.” “There is a great selection of books and it’s a nice space to work in.” (2de student) All the responses collected from 240 students can be read here: Library hours / Horaires CDI (70 rue du Théâtre) Lundi, mardi, jeudi: 8h30 – 17h30 Mercredi, vendredi: 8h30 – 17h00 52 rue Lourmel (1ère/Ter) Lundi - vendredi: 9h – 18h00