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River Irwell Network Arch Bridge An 89m, twin network arch bridge was designed to span the River Irwell in the North of England. The bridge will carry a twin bidirectional track arrangement as part of the Ordsall Chord intervention. This is the first network arch railway bridge in the United Kingdom. The viaduct is approximately 300m long and connects two existing masonry arch viaducts. The structure comprises a system of two inclined, braced network arches supporting two tracks via a steel and concrete composite deck with transverse member supported from the longitudinal steel tie beams. The bridge had to be designed to respect the significant heritage of the site. Following extensive public consultations, the aesthetic requirement for a slim and elegant but emblematic structural line led to the choice of the architectural signature of the Ordsall Chord, a ribbon in weathering steel, connecting and unifying visually the adjoining structures. The complex configuration and the construction sequence adopted, which was tailored to the particular site constraints, presented a number of challenges to both the design and construction phases. Read more about the bridge ,its design and construction, enjoy drawings, photo and video gallery in our magazine e-mosty December 2016: 3/2017