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Almonte Viaduct The Almonte River Arch Viaduct over the Alcántara Reservoir in Spain is part of the Madrid-Portuguese Border High Speed Rail link. The viaduct whose length is almost 1km is within a 6.1km section of the line is all the centre-piece of this unique project. The viaduct is formed by three distinct areas: two sequences of approaching spans from both banks, and the main span. The 384m deck-arch main span gives support, by means of spandrel columns, to the upper deck, which has continuous multi-supported prestressed box-girder scheme all along the viaduct. The deck is a double-cantilevered prestressed concrete box girder with a constant depth of 3.10m and a depth of 14m. Tagus Viaduct The viaduct over the Tagus River in the Alcántara Reservoir is also part of the High Speed Rail Link between Madrid and the Portuguese border. The bridge has a total length of 1,488m and has a 324m long arch. The deck spans over the arch are 54m long. The two approach viaducts are composed of 60m long spans except the spans adjacent to the arch, which are 57m long. The arch is formed by a box section variable both in width and height. The deck is a prestressed concrete box girder with a maximum depth of 4.00m. Read about design and construction of both bridges, enjoy drawings, photo and video galleries in our magazine e-mosty December 2016: 3/2017