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Osman Gazi Bridge The bridge is located in Turkey. It is a part of Build- Operate –Transfer scheme including the build and operation of the adjacent 420km motorway stretching from the outskirts of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, to Izmir. The bridge and the first phase of the motorway were opened to traffic on 30 June 2016. The bridge consists of a three span continuous suspension bridge with a 1,550m main span. The 252m tall H-shaped towers are stiffened steel plate construction. Closed box sections were used for both legs and cross beams. The suspended deck is a 30.1m wide and 4.75m deep single streamlined orthotropic steel box girder deck. Read more about its design and construction, enjoy drawings and photos in our magazine e-mosty June 2016: Read about its operation and maintenance in our magazine e-mosty June 2017: 3/2017