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Hålogaland Bridge, Norway The Hålogaland Bridge is located in Norway. It is a suspension road bridge with main span 1,145m. The viaducts, towers and anchorages for main cables are concrete. The towers are concrete A-frames. The bridge deck of the main span is 18.6 wide steel box girder. Concrete viaducts are 15.4m wide, with 5 piers 12 to 30m tall. The viaduct from Karistranda is 244m and the viaduct from Øyjord is 152m. The deck is constructed as a closed steel box with trapezium-shaped stiffening trusses and transverse bulkheads in 30 segments. They are transported to the site using a ship with boxes placed on top of each other, lifted directly from the ship by floating crane to their final position and attached to the suspension hangers. The middle section is installed first, further installations will be made symmetrically from the middle. After all 30 segments are lifted to correct position they will be welded together. 3/2017