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The bridge is located in Scotland where it crosses the Firth of Forth - it is an estuary that separates the Scottish capital of Edinburgh from the Kingdom of Fife to the north. The downstream crossings of the Forth at Queensferry are a pair of historic bridges – the famous cantilever rail bridge constructed in the 1880s and the Forth Road Bridge, Britain´s first long-span suspension bridge, which was opened in 1964. The Queensferry Crossing comprises three approximately 200 high main towers which support two 650m main spans with associated approach viaducts with a total crossing length of 2,638m. It is the longest three tower cable-stayed bridge in the world and also by far the largest to feature cables which cross at mid-span. Photo: Courtesy of Transport Scotland Read about the design and construction of the Queensferry Crossing, enjoy drawings, photos and videos in our e-mosty March 2017: Three Bridges, Three Centuries. 3/2017