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Engineering is great…

…but the way we teach it spoils the fun!

I never liked learning equations by heart. Instead, I was always dragged toward “feeling” engineering rather than memorizing it. Showing something with a funny example is way better than explaining complex problems with complex math.

Enterfea is a place, where you can learn about important things in an unusual and easy to understand way.

Examples are fun, but problems are serious.

Learn what structural rigidity is,

and why it is so important.

There are no equations inside

but I feel you may learn something here.

Something that might be crucial in your next design.

Trust me you would like to understand that!

Learn about structural rigidity...

and why not to build furniture out of gummy bears!

Enterfea was created from my love to engineering and FEA. We do not only make FEA calculations for our Customers, but we also run a blog where we teach people as much as we can about what we do and how we do it.

The blog got so popular among engineers in recent months, that we are creating online courses as well, so people can learn even more! If you are interesting in working with us simply send us an email at enterfea@enterfea.com.

Łukasz Skotny