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3. WIND PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION ON BUILDINGS The values of external wind pressure coefficients on the facade are not specified in EN 1991-1-4 for atypical buildings and buildings in groups. It is necessary to determine these values by experimental measurements or numerical simulation. The new wind tunnel in Bratislava allows in its two measuring areas to simulate steady and turbulent wind flow. In the first phase we tested the model – a quarter of a circle in the front space in steady flow by changing of wind direction (Fig. 13, 14). The models were rotated every 15º or 22,5º, thereby simulating the changing of wind direction acting on the objects. 3/2017 The external wind pressure coefficients obtained from repeated experimental measurements made on the model in steady and turbulent wind flow indicates the local extremes of suction in certain directions. This can cause hazardous zones on facades or cladding of buildings. We can optimize the position of the objects - buildings in urban planning with respect to the wind direction in the site. ← Figure 13: Models of buildings on turn table in central zone in Bratislava city (SF 1:300) in turbulent wind flow ↓ Figure 14: Models of different types of buildings on turn table in Bratislava city in turbulent wind flow