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6. MAINTENANCE The technical design life of the main structure is 40 years based on the tower pipe capacity and an allotment for steel corrosion rates in tropical regions. It is assumed the decking, fencing, and suspenders will be replaced as needed, with the Municipality of Condega financially responsible for repairs. As members of the community trained and worked alongside Bridges to Prosperity staff and Kiewit and KPFF volunteers in every phase of bridge construction, they are equipped to now make minor repairs, such as suspender or decking replacement. 7. LESSONS LEARNED Over the course of Bridges to Prosperityā€™s 16-year history, theyā€™ve continued to refine their design and construction process to better fit the constraints of the rural environment and the available materials. These refinements have included moving from one pulley to two in the tower erection assembly to better distribute load during erection, and a similar transition from one bay of scaffolding to two to allow for easier installation of suspenders. On the Arenales bridge in particular, for the first time, B2P installed the wind guys as decking was assembled. Typically, this is done after decking installation is complete. A reliable footbridge allows communities like Arenales to plan, grow, and thrive in ways they couldnā€™t before. The story of Leonel best illustrates the power the bridge has to create lasting and transformative impact. Leonel,as pictured in Figure 15, is a community leader for Arenales, and was a strong advocate for Bridges to Prosperity to work with the local municipality to replace the failing bridge. He showed up to site, ready to work, nearly every day of construction. He was there, helping to lift the towers into place, at the top of the scaffolding, installing decking and fencing. And as the new bridge was completed, Leonel was the one to dismantle the old, unsafe crossing. As a member of the construction team, he will now lead fellow community members in routine maintenance of the bridge in the years to come. His commitment to his community, his dedication to learning, and his excitement to inaugurate the new bridge are testament to the compelling impact the structure will have on the Arenales community far into the future. 8. TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT The benefits of the Arenales Bridge project are far- reaching. The individuals who participated in the bridgeā€™s construction are trained in global safety standards and general construction and maintenance techniques, empowering them with skills for the future. The bridge stands as a sign of their accomplishment, but it also stands as a symbol of opportunity. The more than 3,000 residents of Arenales now have safe, year-round access to schools, markets, employment, and healthcare, and that sort of connection is transformative for a population that lives on less than $2 a day, and is cut off from these essential services for at least three months o ˜•Ł•Éäå•…Čø)ĶŃՑäÉ••¹Ń±ä½µĮ±•Ń•„øĮ…ÉŃ¹•ÉĶ”„ĄŻ„Ń Ń””)U¹„Ł•ÉĶ„Ń䁽˜9½Ńɔ…µ”Ķ”½Ż•Ń”…Š™½Č½µµÕ¹„Ń„•Ģ)ɕ•„Ł„¹œ„É@™½½Ń‰É„‘”„ø9„…É…Õ„č(“(“) ½ÉøÉ½Ąå„•±‘Ģ„¹É•…Ķ”€ŌŲ”)Ł•É…””½ÕĶ•”½±„¹½µ”„¹É•…Ķ•Ģ€ĢȔ)¹ĶŃՑ„•Ģ½˜ÉCŠeĢŻ½É¬Ż½É±‘Ż„‘”Ķ”½ÜŃ”…Š„ø)½µµÕ¹„Ń„•ĢĶ•ÉŁ•č(“(“)M”½½°•¹É½±±µ•¹Š„¹É•…Ķ•Ģ€ÄȔ)!•…±Ń”…É”Ńɕ…ѵ•¹Š„¹É•…Ķ•Ģ€ČŠ”)„Õɔ€ÄŌč1•½¹•°©½å™Õ±±ä‘„Ķµ…¹Ń±•ĢŃ””½±°Õ¹Ķ…™”É½ĶĶ„¹œ½Ł•Č)Ń””Ķѕ±¤I„Ł•Č…Šɕ¹…±•Ģ(Ģ¼ČĄÄÜ