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Figure 6: Elevation 3.4 Walkway The walkway is carried by double angle steel crossbeams spaced every 1m. The crossbeams are supported by steel reinforcing bar suspenders, which transmit the load to the main cables. The deck surface is made of planks of a local tropical hardwood with superb durability. A safety mesh fencing is attached between suspenders and anchored to the side of the deck planks on the bottom and a hand rail cable on the top. 3.5 Lateral Stabilization Cable suspended footbridges tend to be very light structures with susceptibility to large vibrations and sway. The self-weight of the walkway surface is only 20% of the total design load. Furthermore, the long span and high design wind speeds contribute to a large lateral load on the bridge. To improve serviceability with reduced sway and alleviate lateral loads on the towers, a cable wind guy system was designed (see Figure 8 below). The geometry of the wind guy cable for the Arenales Bridge was challenging due to the local topography. An efficient layout was made possible using custom anchorages and spanning over a river tributary on the southwest corner of the site. Figure 7: Walkway section Figure 8: Plan 3/2017