e-mosty September 2017: Mersey Gateway Bridge. Arenales Bridge. Mersey Gateway Bridge. Arenales Bridge. BLWT. - Page 3

This issue of our magazine e-mosty („e-bridges“) has three separate sections. The first is devoted to the Mersey Gateway Bridge. The bridge is part of the major infrastructure scheme between the towns of Widnes and Runcorn in the north west of England. The bridge is a four- span cable-stayed bridge consisting of three singular pylons carrying the 6 lane highway deck on a central cable plane arrangement. In this section you can read about its procurement, design and construction. The article also comprises drawings, photographs and video gallery. Secondly, as we are a medial patron of Bridges to Prosperity, they have prepared for us an article about the longest suspension bridge they have recently completed – The Arenales Bridge in Nicaragua. The bridge was constructed over six months, through a partnership that brought together representatives from seven organizations, five countries and a broad variety of backgrounds. For the community of Arenales the footbridge is extremely important because river floods make the area impassable for more than 3,000 residents for more than three months every year. Lastly, bridge design often requires wind tunnel tests. Therefore, the final article of this issue brings information on the wind tunnel in Bratislava and possibilities for its utilization. I believe that detailed article about this tunnel will be of interest to you. Earlier this year I noticed on LinkedIn very interesting posts by Mr Ƚukasz Skotny from his Enterfea company who presented his free online courses on FEA. I like his enthusiasm and the way he presents it so I offered him free medial support in our September Issue. Meanwhile Lukasz has developed his company and activities, and together we have prepared a presentation explaining what he can bring to the table. I have also prepared an overview of all major bridge structures you can read about in our previous issues and brief information as to what is being prepared. The magazine is constantly developing so there may be some minor changes in the plan thus this is only informative. I always welcome any new ideas, information and articles on bridges which I am happy to include in our magazine. I do my best to keep the magazine open access. If you like our magazine, you can support us directly – via a “DONATE” button. The amount of your financial contribution is solely at your discretion. I very much thank you in advance. Magdaléna Sobotková Chief Editor 3/2017