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MAP GOOGLE Figures1 + 2: The location of the Arenales Suspension Bridge. Source: Google Maps The 130-meter Arenales Suspension Bridge was constructed over six months, through a partnership that brought together representatives from seven different organizations, five different countries, and a broad variety of backgrounds. The superstructure was completed in just two weeks, all while maintaining a constant eye on safety and an insistence on superior quality. Inaugurated on February 4th, 2017, the bridge now provides safe, reliable access to critical resources for the community of Arenales. course of the last five years to efficiently span significant distances without the need for a mid-span tower, and utilizing a unique tower design that uses less fabricated steel. All of this is done for nearly a fifth of the average cost of a typical Nicaraguan suspension footbridge. In this way, the Arenales Suspension Bridge stands as a model for innovative design, elevating local standards and providing a replicable solution. 2. THE PREVIOUSLY-BUILT CROSSING The original bridge constructed by the municipality in the early 2000s had failed in part because it was built with a mid-span tower constructed in the river. In rural Nicaragua, local municipalities don't have the specialized and expensive machinery needed to excavate to reach bedrock. The insufficient anchorage of this center tower contributed the scouring of the tower’s foundation, and eventually to the bridge’s collapse in 2011. Bridges to Prosperity’s suspension bridge design has been refined by a group of volunteer bridge engineers (the organization’s Technical Advisory Board) over the Figure 3: The prior crossing at Arenales over the Esteli River 3/2017