e-mosty September 2017: Mersey Gateway Bridge. Arenales Bridge. Mersey Gateway Bridge. Arenales Bridge. BLWT. - Page 2

Front Cover: Mersey Gateway Bridge, UK. Credit: MERSEYLINK CJV Back Cover: Arenales Bridge, Nicaragua. Credit: Bridges to Prosperity International, interactive magazine about bridges "e-mosty" (e-bridges). Chief Editor: Magdaléna Sobotková Contact: info@professional-english.cz It is published on www.e-mosty.cz. Open Access. Released quarterly: 20 March, 20 June, 20 September and 20 December Peer-reviewed. Number: 3/2017, September. The Publisher: PROF-ENG, s. r. o. Velká Hraštice 112, 262 03 Czech Republic VAT Id. Number: CZ02577933 Year: III. E-MOSTY ISSN 2336-8179 ©All rights reserved. Please respect copyright. When referring to any information contained herein, please use the title of the magazine „e-mosty“, volume, author and page. In case of any doubts please contact us. Thank you. 3/2017