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SPECIALIZED CZECH LAW FIRM IN CONSTRUCTION, PPP AND LOGISTIC FOR ABROAD INVESTORS IN CZECH REPUBLIC AND SLOVAKIA Národní 416/37, Prague 1 www.kgslegal.cz info@kgslegal.cz BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC The Czech Republic ranks among countries with a strong economy and good potential. According to recent data, industrial production in the Czech Republic has increased by 5.7% year-on-year, and the value of new orders has increased by 6.6% year-on-year. The employment rate has increased by 2% and the unemployment rate is currently around 2.5% The economic situation of the Czech Republic is very good and gi- ves opportunity to invest in both state and public sectors. State-run organizations are creditworthy and cooperation with them is sou- ght-after. In the area of public investment, there has been an obvious and long-term effort to open up the market as much as possible and to allow participation of entities with a registered office or place of business outside the Czech Republic. The basis of this trend is given both at the level of the European Union and at the level of national legislation where it is stipulated mainly by Act No. 134/2016 Sb., on Public Procurement. Due to the simplification of participation in the tender procedure (introduction of a uniform European Certificate, the contracting authority‘s obligation to accept documents issued under foreign law), there is no restriction on participation in tenders in the Czech Republic provided the participant fulfils the conditions of the tender. The market is open to companies from the whole world. The participant shall be well acquainted with the legislation to be able to submit a perfect offer in compliance with any procedure gi- ven by the contracting authority – especially in the case of above- -the-threshold public tenders which might be of interest due to their financial volume (supplies and services with an estimated value of more than 443,000 EUR or equivalent; construction works with an estimated value of more than 5.548,000 EUR or equivalent). Due to the fact that the procedure in above-the-threshold public ten- ders is relatively rigid, and even the minor non-compliance with the conditions by the participant may lead to their disqualification, it is necessary to be familiar with this area or to contact a reliable partner. To conclude, the Czech market offers many possibilities and is open to foreign investors. Czech legislation does not impose any signi- ficant restrictions on participation in public tenders, however, it is worthwhile to cooperate with a company which is familiar with the local market, legislation and local customs, and is able to find suitab- le opportunities. In the case you are interested in the public tender market in the Czech Republic and intend to apply for public contracts, if you search for answers to your questions or for regular monitoring of relevant opportunities – our company KGS legal s.r.o. as a leading law firm with a focus on public procurement law is always at disposal for you.