e-mosty March 2019 Long Span and Multiple Span Bridges - Page 56

Whether to span nations, make a statement or improve everyday links, Arup crafts better bridges Arup works in active partnership with clients to understand their needs so that the solutions make their bridge aspirations possible —big and small. The Arup global specialist technical skills blended with essential local knowledge adds unexpected benefits. www.arup.com Naeem Hussain naeem.hussain@arup.com Richard Hornby richard.hornby@arup.com Steve Kite steve.kite@arup.com Deepak Jayaram deepak.jayaram@arup.com Global UK, Middle East & Africa East Asia UK, Middle East, India and Africa Peter Burnton peter.burnton@arup.com Marcos Sanchez marcos.sanchez@arup.com Matt Carter matt.carter@arup.com Pheku Montwedi pheku.montwerdi@arup.com Australasia Europe Americas Africa Queensferry Crossing Scotland