e-mosty March 2019 Long Span and Multiple Span Bridges - Page 52

Figure 13: A long span, deep-water, multi span suspension bridge proposal, with gravity platform foundations REFERENCES: Much of the recent development in long span bridges and in particular multi-span suspension bridges (or multi-tower bridges 多塔的悬索桥) has taken place in China. 1 COLLINGS, David: (2015) Multiple-span suspension bridges: state of the art, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Bridge Engineering, Volume 169, Issue BE3. Pages 215 – 231. https://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/doi/10.1 680/jbren.15.00035 2 https://e-mosty.cz/osmangazi-us- suspension-halogaland-bridge/ 3 https://e-mosty.cz/asijske-mosty/ 4 https://e-mosty.cz/3rd-bosphorus-bridge- michel-virlogeux-izmit-bay-bridge/ As outlined in this article regulating the bridge stiffness is key. This technology is spreading, the Chacao Bridge, Chile, is an example of this. The multi-span suspension bridge form has further potential and I am confident we will see further examples in the future. 1/2019