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I. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT and a central tower of an inverted Y-shape supported on rock of Roca Remolinos. The Chacao Channel Bridge is a bridge currently under construction to link the Isla Grande de Chiloe with mainland Chile by crossing the Chacao Channel in Southern Chile, about 600 miles south of Santiago. Although its construction was scheduled to start in 2007, the project was cancelled and then re- launched in 2012 when the Chilean government decided to issue an international tender for the re- design and construction of the bridge. At present, the only way to reach Chiloé is by a 25 to 45-minute ferry trip. The Design-Build project comprises of three different public works projects: the suspension bridge, the access roads, and a service area with maintenance and visitor buildings. With the bridge, the time would be reduced to less than three minutes. The project consists of a 2,750km long double suspension bridge with two main spans of 1050m and 1150m, an orthotropic steel box girder deck, four lanes, one central and two exterior shoulders Opening of the bridge is planned for 2023. Figures 2 - 4: Location of the bridge on the map Source: Maps Google II. HISTORY In 2005 Consorcio Puente Bicentenario was awarded a 35-year concession contract from the Chilean Ministry of Public Works for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a suspension bridge across the Chacao Channel. The construction project costs were estimated at USD 410,000,000. The construction was supposed to commence in 2007 and terminate in 2012. In 2006 it was announced that the estimated cost was above the limit and it was decided not to continue with the project. The consortium consisted of Hochtief, Vinci Construction Grand Projets, American Bridge, Besalco and Tecsa. Hochtief, Vinci and American Bridge each owned 27% of the venture, and Besalco and Tecsa owned 9% each. In 2009 revival of the project was commenced and in 2012 an open international bidding process to present the best solution for the construction of the bridge was started. Hochtief was a leader, Vinci as technical lead and American Bridge to contribute with cable spinning and deck erection technology. The total investment limit was set up at 740 million USD. 1/2019