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The objective of the program is to highlight technology and innovation that can solve problems related to the life of society and industry , a culture of innovation in community life , reduce disparities and to familiarize the public with academics, researchers and scientists , innovators the opportunity to begin the process of obtaining intellectual property protection , technology and knowledge transfer among researchers and innovators , strengthening research thrust areas under the Centre of Excellence and research Center faculty, build capacity and self-reliance among researchers and university faculty to conduct research up to date, build networking among researchers from within and external UTHM and increase the value added participants , especially in students career soon.

Exhibition/Competition (Both NFEED and NJOIE) categories:

A. Category Forum

i. Collaborative Design

ii. Decision Making

iii. Design Creativity

iv. Design Education

v. Design Theory

vi. Development of Products and Systems

vii. CAE/CAD

viii. Design For X

ix. Eco Design

x. Emotional Engineering

xi. Human Behaviour in Design (HBID)

xii. Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes

xiii. Risk Management Processes and Methods in Design

xiv. Policy and Legislation in Design Innovation

xv. And any other topics related to engineering design

B. Category Exhibition:

home use, industrial use, lab use and any innovative

mechanical/ mechatronic products