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Malaysia has changed tremendously after the independence in 1957 from an agricultural to industrial country. Economic focus has shifted from an emphasis on the factors of land, labor, and capital to innovation-driven economy. In line with that, the next few years is a very critical era for all Malaysians to accelerate effort and increase momentum so that the national vision in becoming a developed nation by year 2020 can be achieved.

The National Forum and Exhibition on Engineering Design (NFEED) 2013 is a national level initiative that focuses on the enhancement and enculturation of innovation among all Malaysians from public communities, IHL students, academics and researchers through the integration of product exhibition, competition and scientific conference. NFEED 2013 is also a platform to promote and strengthen alliances between educational sectors, communities and industries as well as a medium to enhance the graduate employability of all related students through the implementation of innovative design project and research.

In conjunction with NFEED2013, the organizing of National Competition on Junior Invention, Innovation and Exploration (NJOIE) 2013, exclusively for the young inventors from primary, secondary and high schools all over Malaysia. It is mainly aims to nurture and encourage the young generations' motivation in the participation of innovation activities towards the realization of Innovation.

On 21-22 October 2013 at Dewan Tunku Ismail Ibrahim ( DTII ) UTHM , with themed " Design Innovation Towards C -Economy " , National Forum and Exhibition on Engineering Design 2013 ( NFEED2013 ) was held successfully. The program was participated by UTHM students especially from faculty of mechanical engineering (FKMP).

National Forum and Exhibition on Engineering Design 2013 ( NFEED2013 )

Besides that, school students also join as participants for program of the National Competition on NFEED2013 Junior Invention, Innovation and Exploration 2013 ( NJOIE2013 ). Deputy Vice -Chancellor Academic and International UTHM , Assoc. Dr. Hashim Bin Saim in his speech stated that these programs are in line with Malaysia plans towards the realization of Vision 2020 of establishing a culture of innovation and thus students are capable of contributing to the government's intention to make innovation as a source of revenue in the present and future. NFEED2013 also expected to be an added value to all participants in the working world soon.

NFEED2013 & NJOIE2013 has seen 74 of the products were displayed which consists of various categories of agriculture , small & medium industries , creative industries and others . The dot - net program of collaboration between research and " graduate employability " is expected to bring benefits to the community in general and the students in particular in shaping their own future .