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We cannot visit the nuclear reactor due to the upgrading process of the old system to digital system that has been done at that time. Then we have been brought to SINAGAMA Plant and ALLURTRON Plant.

SINAGAMA Plant is doing radiation process by using ionizing energy in the form of gamma radiation from Cobalt-60 source. JS 10000 IR 219 tote irradiator system is used at Nuclear Malaysia. SINAGAMA Plant offer services to the public for the sterilisation of medical products and packaging materials, decontamination of food, pharmaceuticals, herbs and animal feeds, and the disinfestations of insects in agricultural commodities, including for quarantine purposes. The plant also provides tissue and bone sterilisation services by gamma radiation for tissue banking purposes to relevant authorities such as hospitals and National Tissue Bank. Each of these products is irradiated by using different doses. Irradiation can effectively kills microorganisms throughout the product and its packaging with very little temperature effect, reduce microbical load, insect disinfestations,

shelf-life extension, sprout inhibition, delay ripening and control of infection by parasites.