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Personnel Radiation Monitoring


After the warm opening about Nuclear Malaysia, we are showed to the personnel radiation monitoring device that are use to record dose received or radiation exposed.

At Nuclear Malaysia the monitoring device used is film badge dosimeter. This badge is worn in a job environment where an employee is occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation. These devices are typically small, passive instruments and worn for a specific period of time to record body integrated dose received. A film badge is a one-time, one-use only, personal dosimeter. The badge contains two special, radiation-sensitive films that are very sensitive to lights. At the end of every month, workers need to return the badge to the issuing organization and the issuer will process the film and assess and record the accumulated dose. Once processed, the film itself becomes part of the permanent dose record. The films can record starts from 0.2 milisivert. The workers only can be exposed to 20 sivert per year. This system only will be use until year 2015 before it is upgraded to thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) which is more sensitive and accurate. It can read starts from 0.04 milisivert.