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Energy comes in six forms which are chemical energy, electrical energy, radiant energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy and thermal energy. Nuclear is one type of energy which is very powerful. The common definition for nuclear energy is the energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion. People always say no to nuclear because afraid of the radiation. Nuclear power is neither safe nor clean. There is no such thing as a safe radiation and just because nuclear pollution is invisible does not mean it is clean but that does not prove that nuclear power have no benefits, extremely dangerous and the radiations will effects everyone thus cause disease. For that reason this visit was held to bring awareness and information especially to students about nuclear energy.

On 24th October 2013, we, the students of Mechanical Engineering have the opportunity to visit Malaysian Nuclear Agency or also called Malaysia Nuclear.

We should be welcomed by Director General of Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Y. Bhg Dato’ Muhamad bin Lebai Juri but because he need to attend an urgent meeting so we are welcomed by his assistants.

Firstly we have been introduced on the history of Nuclear Malaysia, on how the establishment of Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) was mooted from idea of the then Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Ismail Dato’ Abdul

A Visit to Malaysia Nuclear Agency