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As for that, the use of a phone cable are very important towards the people now days, as it currently been use widely as it had been the communication media between the human being. Besides that, the cable phone had been the communication source in order to communicate with each other. The most important thing is the cable phone had been improved as the day that the technologies become more improved. As for example, the cable phone had been improved to ensure that people could access to the internet using the same cable as it had been use in the phone before. The improvement of this technology had been taken to another level which it had been use to become a modem as a wifi router which it has the capability of exchanging information faster and a lot more device could connect to the router. The phone cable are capability to carry a lot of data (thousands of times) and faster. The phone cable is the media that transfer the information toward the user in the internet and it has a special chemistry with the internet in order to make people to communicate with each other

The uses of the internet are for global audience. The content published on the World Wide Web is immediately available to a global audience of users in just for a few second only. This makes the World Wide Web a very cost-effective medium to publish information. Reaching more than 190 countries. Besides that, it was operating for 24 hours, 7 days a week. As for that, you don't need to wait until resources are available to conduct business. The data also can be consummated at any time. The fact that the Internet is operational at all times makes it the most efficient business machine to date. It has been a relatively inexpensive as the consumption of the money would be going towards the bill for electricity, internet cost, and the work that been done by our own body. By looking to this statement, it is relatively inexpensive to publish information on the Internet. At a fraction of the cost to publish information by traditional methods, various organizations and individuals can now distribute information to millions of users. It costs only a few thousand dollars to establish an Internet presence and publish content on the Internet. Besides that, internet was been used for product advertising. As the internet will let you use the World Wide Web to advertise various products. For example, before purchasing a product, customers will be able to look up various product specification sheets and find out additional information. You can use the multimedia capabilities of the World Wide Web to make available not only various product specification sheets but also audio files, images, and even video clips of products in action. The beauty of the Web is that it allows customers to explore products in as much detail as they desire. If the client just wants a general overview, he or she can look at the advertising information. For those wanting more in depth information, you can provide white papers and product descriptions for download. The Web allows a business to provide timely information, you can simply place the information on the Web page and it is available immediately for your customers. The Online Surveys and Announcements are been use in order to communicate with the people and it can distribute several of information to all the people in the world just in a click of a mouse. After that, the Web will become the medium of choice for many organizations and individuals to publicize various announcements.

Advantages of using home wifi university students:

1.Can find information about assignment.

2.Facilitate the learning process.

3.Facilitate communication between students and lecturers.

Disadvantages of using wifi among university student:

1.Students are oblivious to the entertainment.

2.Lack of focus going to learn.