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Lack of Communication at Taman Gemilang

Batu Pahat- The neighbourhood of Taman Gemilang in Parit Raja had been very worried because of the issue that affected then which are the phone cable have not been installed yet until today. By referring towards this issue may affect the neighbourhood as the people in Taman Gemilang could not communicate with the people outside the neighbourhood neither outside the state. This may also effect the student of UTHM that been rental the house inside Taman Gemilang. This is where the cable phone become important towards them as they need it for gaining access to the internet. Internet is helping to find good information. This is because students who surf the Internet can find a lot of additional information to complete the task. Extensive student knowledge can be diagnosis as mobile libraries. If students are knowledgeable, our country will achieve progress and produce competitive human intellect. As a teenager again lebai more bearded, students are also able to add a contact from the internet. This is because social sites like Facebook and Twitter have now become a viral epidemic among students in world wide. Therefore, students can exchange information or opinion through contacts from social sites. Citing medium next chaste, good internet to students increase their knowledge. Furthermore, students can use the internet to find preferably made various training drills to prepare for the exam. Make diligent student training need to be adapted in order to be like ants looking for food. According to the figures the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he’d like to be able to produce a generation desperate for innovative high-tech line circulation time. Codification of different angles, students can strengthen relationships through browsing the internet. This is because 'interest’s people to internet are that they can learn the customs of a people or nation. This coincides with aphorisms do not know then do not love.

Therefore, we will produce will love to interact with each other during the State tells the story of a connection to our beloved country. A conclusion, the advantages of internet to students often becomes polemic among civilians in Malaysia. Hopefully the internet interests will not be abused by students the world over. Indeed, civilians in Malaysia are not outdated by the time of high-tech circulation. The component of phone cable are very useful for our daily life as it had been a habit for the people to communicate with the people all around the world in order to gain information and other than that.