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The most attractive game is badminton.

The categories are :

i) Men's Doubles

ii) Men's Singles

iii) Mixed Doubles

iv) Women's Doubles

v) Women's Singles

The game is held at badminton court in UTHM. In three days, they managed to make match for almost 50 participants. In that games, the players must follows all the rule and the regulations. They must report 30 minutes before their scheduled time of play. The decision of the referee on the referee on points of law will be final, no appeal will be entertained. Other than that, they need to pay rm10 for each team.


First Prize – RM80 and medal(s)

Second Prize- RM50 and medal(s)

Third Prize- RM30 and medal(s)

Other than badminton, basketball were also an attraction.

The game is held at basketball court in UTHM. There are almost 10 team for men and 8 teams for women. For men, they played for full court and women played for half court.

On Friday, was the match for men and women’s team. On Saturday were the quarter final and semi-final, and final are on Sunday.

The prizes are same like other games where for the first prize are RM80 and medals, second prize are RM50 and medals, third prize are RM30 and medals.