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The 17th UTHM Student’s Games


Sport as a social tool basically aims at life quality improvement. This aspect is considered in its widest concept, blending the objectives of sports initiation, good physical condition, free time and inclusion. From this competition, UTHM wants the students to be more discipline and healthy. Not just only focussing on their studies but also on sports like this. Other than, UTHM wants to find a new talents and apprentice. From here, we also might see how student capable to manage their leadership and cooperation between their teammates. To make sure that study is not a reason to not active in sports

Sport’s Carnival

Since June, all the flyers were distributed. On last 17th October, the carnival starts by vote into grouping. All games were participate. On that day, they were voting on what teams to match with. This year were merrier because of the variety of games. There are softball, petanque, lawn bowl, hockey, ping pong, badminton, netball, track and field, paintball, basketball, futsal and many more.