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On 6th April 2013, 30 students with accompanist, Puan Marina Bte Shazan Amir were participating in ‘Program with Coach Manshahar’ held on Saturday at Majlis Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. The objective of our event were to fulfill the curriculum course ‘track and field’ and we were invited to participate an event called “Kejohanan Olahraga (Program Pembangunan) 13 tahun – 15 tahun FTKLAA/MILO 2013”. Many schools around Kuala Lumpur were participated in this event. We also want to know all about the track and field. So, we decided to invite Coach Manshahar as our coach and guidance during the program and the event.

Coach Manshahar or Mr Mohd Manshahar bin Abd Jalilis the National Head Coach (Jumps) – Elite & Nat. Back up NSC/MAU at National Sports Council Malaysia. He has served and experienced in this field more than a two decades. After reaching an agreement, he proudly says that he will help us through this event for sportsmanship spirit. One of his best protégé was our national pole vault, Roslinda binti Samsu. He had been coaching Roslinda binti Samsu since she was 16 years old and she had recorded many best records during under his coaching.

The track and field were been instructed by Coach Manshahar to get us to know about :-

1) Warm up and cool down

2) Energy system

3) Throw event

4) Running event

5) Jump event

After we completed the program session with Coach Manshahar, we were invited to see the participants who took part in the “Kejohanan Olahraga (Program Pembangunan) 13 tahun – 15 tahun FTKLAA/MILO 2013”. We were experienced to see the real and work out for the track and field event. The event finished at 5.30 pm and end with prize ceremony. It was a good experienced that we gain from participating in this event.