DYNAMISM(E) Vol. 1 Issue. 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, Dec-2016 International School of Management Excellence Quarterly Student Magazine DYNAMISM(E) Editorial Committee: Kiran Kumar K V Meha Kapur Shobith Shetty Shreesh Sharan Sachin Sivakumar Jyoti Yadav Inside this Issue: #EditorSpeaking #WikiLeaks #Interview #ISMEianWrites #TalkingSpirits #TakingDigs #Adrenalin #BeingAlert #BrainGym #Signals & much more #EditorSpeaking Its probably the most interesting times in the global business landscape, that we are witnessing back -to-back surprises. On one hand, we are seeing that the political equations are changing, and on the other we are seeing a geographical shift of economic leadership. As a country, India seems to be driving the toplines of businesses around, and at the same time, signaling existence of certain inherent weaknesses in a few sectors. An outreaching analysis of future brings up the confidence, but, the status quo questions the logics. Today’s manager is operating in a complex environment. The layers of every problem needs a set of solutions. And solutions are not availa- ble in traditional management theories. The competitive market system is efficient enough to foresee what a traditional manager would do next, and attempt to outdo her. Are the budding managers being prepared to face this challenge? The changing B-School environment may throw some light on this. We are seeing newer specializations— including sector specific ones. We are seeing increased focus on busi- GRESHAM’s LAW Contributors: Sachin_S, Rahul_Singh, Shreesh_Sharan, Shobith_Shetty, Akhil_K, Jyoti_Yadav, Balaji_R In economics, Gresham’s Law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good money”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation. ness analytics. Increased research orientation, increased entrepreneurial training, management under stress and moving beyond established theories are few more to cheer for. In addition to the fact that these may not be sure shot moves towards building future-ready managerial talents, question remains as to whether this will guarantee the best solution. In the VUCA world, a successful manager is one who is able to dissect the problem on hand in the right way, and bring alternative solutions dynamically. Understanding of the ecosystem in which he operates is a prerequisite. A splurge of such prepared managers is the need of the hour. #WikiLeaks