DyNAMC Dispatch October 2016 Issue 7

NEWS | TOPICS | OPINION | FEATURES | DEBATE WWW.DYNAMCDIVERSITYMAG.COM free NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2016 | ISSUE NO. 7 DYNAMC’S TOP WOMEN PODCAST STARS ANITA LOFTON COLETTE HONORABLE Anita Lofton Leader in Advocating for Today’s Senior’s Colette D. Honorable is Bridging the Energy Gap DARYL JOY WALTERS Daryl Joy Walters Blends a Love for Politics with Unwavering Faith MEET MULTITALENTED SHELLANEE BROCK DYNAMC'S PODCAST NARRATOR JESSICA STERN Jessica Stern Is At the Global Forefront of LGBTI Advocacy and Human Rights PAMALA SILAS Pamala Silas: A Leader for Native American Fair Housing Development and Empowerment