Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 6

IN PROGRESS arts hall of fame coming to life this season D by linda provost uncan’s cup truly runeth over when it comes to the talent — we have world famous artists, musicians, actors and more, which is one reason why a group of citizens have decided to try and honor those talents with an Arts Hall of Fame (AHoF). Martha Burger is the chairperson of the AHoF board and said the seed for the project was planted by Ed Apple. “Ed Apple approached me that Duncan needed to establish a music hall 6 DUNCAN MAGAZINE | of fame to recognize the many musicians who have come from, through, or are still in Duncan. He named David Hooten and David Briscoe and others,” she said. “He mentioned this to me on more than one occasion. At about the same time, I was working on the Membership and Marketing Committee of the Simmons Center Foundation Board of Directors (the M and M Committee) and knew that one of the things we needed to do was to upgrade the lighting and sound in the Simmons Center Theater.” Burger thought blending to two concepts would help both — the talent WINTER 2018 of the area would be showcased and the theater could raise money for improvements which are sorely needed. “The Simmons Center Theater is a gem for Duncan but at 28 years old, original lighting and sound equipment have become unsustainable and are quite expensive,” Burger said. “The original endowment for the Simmons Center is used by the entire center and is not dedicated specifically for the theater. While general upkeep and maintenance was kept up, there was no large fund for replacement of these major components.” While Apple was interested in a music