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fostering a brother and sister under the age of 3. The pair, although exhausted from the life changes, glowed while they talked about their journey. Katy has always wanted her own children, she has always wanted to foster children. Katy is a licensed clinical social worker. She has extensive training working with children and trauma. Of all the people I know, she is perhaps the best suited for this role. Her professional training has armed her with an understanding of where these children are and what it will take to help them heal. Comfort always knew she wanted to adopt, there was never a question in her mind. Comfort has a heart the size of Texas, she has more love for children than anyone else I have ever met. She is truly a person full of compassion, love, courage and strength. She understands the importance to love a child where they are, with all of your heart, giving them everything you have, understanding they will leave you soon. And yet, she will do this, has done this, several times. The pair have worked together to establish a family and a routine. Together, they manage four children, both work full-time jobs which are demanding, and give to their community. They are always the first to lend a hand and the last to go home. They foster because they love children, they believe there is good in everyone and they know they their work will lead to the reunification of a family one day. Comfort works with DHS. She shared with me the state provides small presents for each child. Many other agencies also provide presents, Katy’s job does. In Duncan, the Toy Shop provides presents for all children living in Duncan and registered in Duncan Schools. The community provides for these precious babies. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, here is some advice from Katy and Comfort. Check your relationship. Is it strong, can you handle a bit of drama and afford to lose time with each other? Are you prepared for children who cannot express their emotions, and so they act out? How much do you know about trauma? And consider working with a family counselor prior to placement to prepare yourself and your family. Being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles you will ever take on. If you know a foster family, share some Christmas joy with them, reach out, offer some support. But more than anything this Christmas season, find a way to invest in the children of our community. DM Exceptional Eye Care with a World-Class Optical Voted 2015, 2016 & 2017’s Best Optometrist! ���� 2016 ���� �������� ������ Brendhan M. Fritts O.D. P.C. �������� ������ ���� 2017 Specializing in Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease and injuries �������� ������ MICHAEL KORS www.duncaneyecare.com 30 DUNCAN MAGAZINE WINTER 2018 | 14 S. 8th Street, Duncan • 580-255-1346