Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 3

notes for the reader Linda: As the resident grinch, it’s not that I don’t like Christmas -- it is just not my favorite, plus it is way too loud, that is where the Green Guy and I agree. I also never understood when people suddenly decide to be a nice person to honor “the true meaning of Christmas,” but the other 11 months they are a nightmare. Liturgically the true meaning of Christmas is the promise of Easter, that we will be saved through the sacrifi ce of God’s Son. So to me the season should be about following Christ’s example - love your neighbor, when you take care of others, you take care of Christ. I see that a lot in Stephens County. Th e Duncan Community Development Corporation serves a free Th anksgiving meal for those without. Th e Toy Shop cares that children have a Christmas just like their peers, Th e Rotary Club wants children to have warm clothing for the season, Christmas on the Farm wants to bring some magic back into the lives of children who might not see the wonder in life any more, Byford Auto and the Duncan Fire Department give bikes to children and Stephens County hosts a huge Christmas dinner, which was one of the best things I have volunteered at in a long time. My real hope for you to read this and take the promise of Easter with you all year long, what can you do to show the love given to us in grace all year long? Can you comfort those with mental illness? Can you help those who need food? Can you truly love someone without agreeing with them? While I love that people want to help each other, it shouldn’t be because of some date on a calendar or your last chance for a tax break. It should be because it makes your heart feel light, it makes your corner of the universe just - that much better and it makes you just that much better for it too. Crystal: Yes I’m one of “those” people. You know...the annoying one who itches to play Christmas music as soon as it hits 12:01 am on Nov 1st. Th e one who’s house is the only one on the block decorated as soon as Halloween is over. How can one be a grinch looking at the beautiful lights and decorations and hearing the wonderful music? My mother is to blame for my love of all things Christmas. She has always made a huge deal out of it. Growing up, every year we would all pile in the car and drive up and down the streets of Duncan and look at all the decorated houses. One year mom even came up close and personal with a mailbox with our car while lights gazing (love ya Ma). I have always loved Santa and the reindeer. Little did I know, Stephens County is the home of Santa and that his reindeer train here with our very own Game Warden! Jump ahead a few pages and read the Q&A with the Game Warden about the reindeer, you won’t be disappointed and now you may laugh every time you eat pumpkin pie. Th is isn’t all I love about Christmas however. Th e spirit of giving is strong in Duncan year round but it’s a little sweeter and a little stronger during this season. All the non profi t agencies that give to people in need amaze me. From the dinners free to the public to the numerous bicycles Byford and the Duncan Fire Department give out, to the warm clothes for kids, these agencies and all involved go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a holiday to remember. Th is is yet another reason why I am proud to call Stephens County my home. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket, sit back and enjoy our winter edition of Duncan…Th e Magazine. As always, we welcome your input and story ideas. If you have any history of Stephens County you want to share or think we need to meet someone, please let us know. Let me be the fi rst to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May it fi nd you blessed beyond measure, Crystal. DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 3