Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 26

Q&A with Stephens County Game Warden Chris Stover Chris Stover got the chance to work with the backbone of Santa’s team, the reindeer. Q: So I heard that Santa’s reindeer have been training with you in Stephens County this year?  A: It was an honor when I got the call, apparently the reindeer like to train for all the weather they might encounter and where better than Oklahoma?  ~I will admit, I didn’t know much about reindeer — they must not be popular on the Discovery Channel, but I am learning right along side with them.~ Q: What kind of workout plans did you make for the reindeer?  A: We did some mountain climbing at the Wichita Mountains. We tried yoga but everyone’s antlers got tangled or they cheated and tried to hover. Q: Which reindeer tried to get out of working out? Who was the most dedicated?    A: Rudolph tried to sleep in once in a while, the jet lag must have gotten to him.  26 DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 Q: What kind of protective gear do they wear when hunting season hits? A: Typically they come in the night so reindeer ninja suits seem to have worked the best. Dressed in all black with a touch of elf help and silent shoes keep them off the radar of poachers. Q: What did you learn by working with them?  A: I learned that I can not fly no matter how much I tried, they shed a lot and, pumpkin pie makes them gassy... Q: Did you get to meet Santa or was it done though his assistants? A: The big guy was always busy, so I had to work through one of the assistants... I believe Tim Allen was his name? He was a nice guy, would make a great Santa.