Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 22

scholarship, learn as much as he can about computers, and begin a career in the field, perhaps as a video game programmer. Kelly laughs at this, and shares they love to stay up late playing games together or watching movies. Orum smiles fondly at the reminder and begins to list the card and board games he loves to play with his mom. Orum then states, with the fierceness of a man who has lost everything and knows the value of what he has, that he intends to take his mom to college with him or visit her weekly. It is apparent that while he has a plan for his future, he loves his mom and values the stability and support she gives him. Orum discovered wrestling in seventh grade, his counselor recommended he get into a sport to help with his anger. Orum laughs at these early memories, he struggled with wrestling in middle school, but stuck with it as he loves the mental challenge, the focus it takes to remain in a match and find the energy to want the win more than his competitor. 22 DUNCAN MAGAZINE | H is coaches clearly appreciate his focus. Keith Kizarr, Assistant Wrestling Coach and High School Science teacher, commented on Orum’s dedication to the sport. Kizarr sees his role as helping the young men find their path, to learn self-control and maintain the courage necessary to stay on a path destined for success. Kizarr clearly sees each student and athlete as his responsibility, mentoring them, going to homes to help with situations and providing the quiet, strong encouragement of a proud father. For Anthony, it is clear he craves the approval of his coaches, and they are more than willing to support him, checking on him when school is out and helping his mom as needed. Marlow is proud of currently carrying the state championship in wrestling, but unlike many school districts, they are more proud of the people their students are becoming and are eager to invest in their futures. Marlow can see the benefit of a community raising each child, they understand one or two parents simply cannot provide everything a child needs, but as a community a child can WINTER 2018 receive more than needed. Marlow has done well raising their current generation X, they have invested in them the skills and character needed to conquer any challenges in the future. For Orum, the future is bright. He is working on his techniques and endurance for the coming season, His past has made him humble and appreciative of what he has earned with his hard work. and he wants to retain the state championship, but he knows work is needed. His past has made him humble and appreciative of what he has earned with his hard work, Orum does not suffer from hubris, and because of this, he stands a good chance of maintaining the title. Best wishes to Orum in the coming years. DM