Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 21

C urrent wrestling state champion, Anthony Orum, loves wrestling, loves his family and understands the importance of having a plan for his future. Th e Marlow High School Junior, while focused on maintaining the state champion title, is more focused on growing as a person, going to college and keeping a close relationship with his grandmother. Orum does not have the typical story of a high school state champion. He has not lived with either parent for several years, does not know where his mom is currently living, and has a dad who is in and out of jail. Orum spent his early years bouncing from family member to family member, before landing with Kelly Dyer, his grandmother, since middle school. Orum has had the cards stacked against him since before he was born. Others, with similar backgrounds, have not fared as well. Th e state statistics for youth born in his situation highlight a life of foster care, group homes, and no plan for the future. Orum is the diff erence, he is the outlier who has the tenacity and grit to overcome his challenges. Orum fi ercely refers to Kelly as his mom, Kelly looks at Orum with the look of love only a mother can give a child they are extremely proud of, it is quite apparent this pair is a team and the love they have for each other will continue to carry them forward. Orum has lived with Dyer for several years, his grandfather passed away in his 8th grade year. In the years since his passing, Orum has stepped up and worked to fi ll many roles for Kelly, most recently he started working at Sonic to help with the family bills. When asked how she feels to be raising a grandson, Dyer responds she feels like she won the lottery. It is quite clear the pair love each other, and are content with their family, the looks they Anthony Orum, loves wrestling, loves his family and understands the importance of having a plan for his future. share speak of a deep shared family love, one strengthened by the hardships the pair have faced and overcome together. Orum loves to eat his mom’s cooking, stating his favorite meal is creamed eggs and toast, which is eggs with a cream sauce served on top of bread. However, with the upcoming wrestling season, Orum states he cannot eat the bread. O rum is a bright young man with a plan for his future. He excels at math and loves his class which focuses on teaching life skills and helps to build character. Orum loves computer technology and engineering, anything to do with computers. He hopes to earn a college DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 21