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outlets, that they are paying attention to their extension cords — no frayed area, no holes — or chew marks, and at night you need to unplug all the Christmas decorations,” Sparky said. “If we use a real Christmas tree you need to water them daily and dispose of them correctly as soon as the season’s over — don’t let them die and just lean it up against the back of your house.” Smiley agreed and said heaters were a big problem during the cold months. “We want to make sure our space heaters are kept far away from everything, too,” he said. “Another thing we need to push all year round is to have working smoke detectors and sleep with bedroom doors closed.” Smiley said in the past, furniture in most households was made from cotton, wood and other organic materials, which burned slowly. However, now many items are synthetic, which burns much faster and hotter. “A lot of the time, by the time the smoke alarms wake you, the fire will already be too much and you are stuck,” he said. “A closed door — a regular interior door, no fire doors or anything like that, will do a lot for you in stopping a fire.” Smiley said closing the door means having a plan to get out of the house with two ways out being vital for surviving. “Everybody needs to have a plan with two ways out. It’s best to make those two ways out not just from your bedroom, but also say the kitchen, or the living room,” he said. “One thing a lot of people forget when they are making an emergency plan is a rally point. Like at my house, if anything happens at my house, we meet at my neighbor’s mailbox across the street. That way whenever the fire department shows up, we’ll have a headcount.” One thing the Duncan Fire Department does all year long is smoke detectors and installations. By calling the Central Station, residents can get a firefighter out to test their smoke detectors and, if needed, replace it. The Duncan Center Fire Department office number is 251-7728, and is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. While Sparky helps the firefighters do lots of jobs — there was one he was banned from recently according to Smiley. “There is only one thing that Sparky is not allowed to do at the fire department, and that is is help us check hydrants,” he laughed. Sparky had the decency to looked a little ashamed, but that’s just what dogs do! DM Support your local business community. Join Us Today! 580-255-3644 DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 19 Duncan Chamber of Commerce 911 W. Walnut P.O. Box 699 www.duncanchamber.com