Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 15

SPARKING KINDNESS Story by Linda Provost Photos by Linda Provost and Duncan Fire Chief Dayton Burside D uncan fi refi ghters do more than just the usual gig, while responding to fi re calls, medical calls and the occasional kitten in a drain, they also train, from learning new equipment to practicing skills they might one day need. A fi refi ghter’s day is quite full but the best days are the ones where they get to work with the public. Lane Smiley, fi refi ghter, shift training offi cer and handler for Sparky the Fire Dog sat down to talk about their favorite parts of the jobs — working with the public and keeping them safe during all seasons. “I like the kids!” Sparky barked, “Th ey smell good too — like snacks — and they give the bestest hugs.” Sparky may or may not have wagged his tail so hard at this point that he knocked over some stuff . Th e department also makes sure the youngest citizens know how to be safe should something happen. Th ey go to all the schools and get them used to seeing fi refi ghters in full gear. Sparky shows them how to crawl under the smoke and out of the house and in general learn that fi refi ghters are their friend and want to help them during scary times. Something else they get to do at Christmas is help deliver bikes to boys and girls, a partnership with Byford Auto who host a donation drive for bikes with Operation Santa in November. A few days before Christmas, DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 15