Duncan… The Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 13

Pie is the state pie for Indiana and I was lucky enough to get a secret recipe from one of the more famous bakers in Indiana,” Schacht said. “My family back home mentioned at church that I was entering pies in the Stephens County Fair and the little old church ladies came to the table! I started getting letters from friends and family back home with recipes attached which really moved me as it is great to feel the love from far away friends.” His 2017 entry took home another third place ribbon. “The church ladies back home gave some good ribbing to Representative Marcus McEntire who was the judge that year,” Schacht joked.  “Those Indiana church ladies claimed that those living in Oklahoma would not know a good pie if it hit us in the face!  All in good fun, but Indiana does take that Sugar Cream Pie seriously.” It was the next year, this year, that Schacht really set his eyes on the pies. “I made it my mission to make a bigger impact in the 2018 Stephens County Fair though – I wanted a first place ribbon, but more importantly I wanted one of those nice aprons indicating I was a champion,” Schacht said. And he had the strategy to win in the bag. He gave a solid line up with his mom’s apple pie, a cherry pie, a peach pie, a pecan pie and a coconut pie. “The apple pie was judged first, and it happens to be my favorite pie, but it got a third place,” Schacht said. “My heart sank. That is my favorite pie!  It only got a third place! I thought for sure it was going to be a long day. Then the judging came in…  Peach received a first place! Cherry received a first place! Pecan go a first!  And the coconut (which was a disaster making) also got a first place score!  When my head finally cleared from the excitement I found out I was the Stephens County Best Pie Maker!” Schacht promises to be back again in 2019, but this time he will only enter one pie so others can stand a chance. “It is a lot of fun partaking in the Stephens County Fair, and I encourage everyone to find a category to enter,” he said. “I am only planning on entering one pie in 2019, so one of you could be the next Stephens County Best Pie Maker!  Good luck, and enjoy the fun of our local fair!” DM DUNCAN MAGAZINE | WINTER 2018 13