DTLA LIFE MAG #32 | SPRING 2017 - Page 22

When Kai’s owners set out to create a Japanese restau- rant two years ago, they had already been doing busi- ness in Downtown Los Angeles for over two decades. The goal with their new venture was to craft something that would not only be authentic to Japanese cuisine and aesthetics, but equally rooted in our historically rich environment. Their guiding principle was to create a space that ex- emplifies the elegance of honesty and incorporates the vibrant rhythm of our surroundings, foremost in cuisine and design. It took years of research, months of selec- tion, hours of interviews and a trip to Japan to present their conception as Kai: Japanese Roots. The executive chef, Miki Fujita, trained and apprenticed in Japan and working for 27 years in Japanese cuisine, exudes a deep pride and enthusiasm for every dish that he carefully crafts. This same ethic flows through all aspects of food and drink, as the sake list is curated to appreciate the robust spectrum of flavor and dimensions in a meaningful way. They sought out the best and most famous Japanese whiskies and malts, craft beers, and shochu spirits to be both comprehensive and precise. The teas and cock- tails express the subtlety and profundity of Japanese fla- vors often overlooked. KAI JAPANESE ROOTS Photo Cinnia Finfer Photos Courtesy of Kai 542 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 232 4900 www.kaijapaneseroots.com