DTLA LIFE MAG #32 | SPRING 2017 - Page 18

Angels Flight, which travels a short distance between Hill and Olive Streets on Bunker Hill in downtown LA, was recently featured in the movie, “La La Land.” We are pleased to have learned last month that it will re- open by Labor Day according to the announcement on March 1st by Mayor Garcetti. It has been more than three years since the iconic funicular ferried up its last ride. Opened on New Year’s Eve in 1901, when Bunker Hill was the richest neighborhood in Los Angeles, passengers would pay one cent to avoid walking up the stiff hill. Then in 1969, it was put in storage until 1996, when it was reassembled not far away from its original site. Since then, the railway operated on and off. The announcement of the redevelopment of the site, and the successful effort led by Hal Bastian to find support to re-open this Downtown Landmark made it possible for Angels Flight to be operating again by this fall. For more information and donate, please visit www.angelsflight.org