DTLA LIFE MAG #28 | SUMMER 2016 - Page 54

With more than 100 active construction sites downtown, many of DTLA’s tiny restaurant stands have been scraped off the map to make way for shiny new structures. One little spot that has not only dodged the wrecking ball but has come back like a phoenix is Chicas Tacos. Formerly known as Mamas Asian Cuisine, this tiny 700 square foot space has transformed into visual and culinary delight. The oversized retro sign beckons you to a compact whitewashed cottage, featuring a patterned floor, imported Mexican ceramic tile accents and mismatched rustic furnishing that gives the place a dollhouse charm. Place your order and then choose from the counter inside, the café tables out front, the standing area alongside the restaurant, or the “back yard” featuring screaming red picnic tables parked on green Astroturf next to the Airstream trailer. As utterly adorable as the setting is, the real show is the focused and flavorful menu. It’s about tacos, made to exacting specifications of closely held family recipes. Whatever your preference: steak/fish/chicken/pork/vegetarian, Chicas got you covered. Fresh is the operative word here. Every bite delivers Salads, guacamole salsa, and chips round out the offerings with an array of aqua frescas or Mexican soft drinks to compliment your meal. Something this smart and appealing doesn’t just happen. Hospitality veterans Jon Blanchard, Chris Blanchard and Nico Rosconi, pulled out the stops to deliver an excellent and accessible dining destination. For a $4.50 taco, Chicas Tacos has set the bar. CHICAS TACOS Photo Cinnia Finfer 728 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 893 0373 www.chicastacos.com