DTLA LIFE MAG #28 | SUMMER 2016 - Page 52

Because men do not live by fair trade coffee and craft beer alone, there was a significant joy with the delicious arrival of Mast Chocolate. Looking more Bauhaus than Willy Wonka, the Mast store and factory cuts a sleek silhouette on a transitioning industrial block. While born in Brooklyn, and also a presence in London, MAST Chocolate is absolutely in step with the Arts District’s craftsman sensibility. Brothers Rick and Michael Mast’s fervent commitment to bean to bar chocolate is evident in everything they do. For the mere mortals in the audience, “Bean to bar” is a phrase used to denote when the maker does the entire process of making chocolate. In a quest for a more authentic high-quality chocolate, MAST directly roasts the cocoa bean, winnows, refines, tempers and molds the bars. Still not a believer? Invest $5.00 in one of their on the hour factory tours and you will be impressed by the all-in commitment from the moment the pallets of 132-pound bags of cacao arrive from around the world until the sleek wrapped bars are boxed and shipped. Not a team to rest on their considerable laurels, the Mast brothers are always exploring new blends and partnershi