DTLA LIFE MAG #28 | SUMMER 2016 - Page 34

Downtown Los Angeles is rapidly becoming a hub of creativity and innovation across its diverse industry sectors and vibrant population of residents and workers. Downtown Los Angeles’ emergence as a center of innovation and creativity takes another leap forward with the launch of the Downtown Center BID’s ‘Innovate DTLA’ initiative, announced Carol Schatz, President & CEO of the Downtown Center Business Improvement District [DCBID]. Hosted at WeWork’s Gas Company Tower location, the symposium brought together the leading thinkers on innovation and placemaking, with the growing number of entrepreneurs, business incubators, accelerators, and investors that are increasingly calling Downtown LA home. Kicking off the symposium was an interesting dual keynote by Bruce Katz of The Brookings Institute and author of The Rise of Innovation Districts, and Fred Kent, founder of Project for Public Spaces during which they illustrated that Downtown LA has all the necessary elements of a leading Innovation District. They cited a critical mass of innovation assets, as well as key anchor institutions such as the world-class research facilities of the University of Southern California, as being essential facilitators that will drive the growth of Downtown LA as a globally-acknowledged center for creativity, innovation, and technology. The keynote was followed by a panel discussion with downtown leaders moderated by Andy Altman of The Brookings Institute and focused on developing an innovation ecosystem and culture of creativity. The primary goals of the Innovate DTLA initiative are to promote downtown as a place of innovation and creativity, nurture the existing innovation ecosystem, and attract more creative and technology companies, organizations ٥Յ́ѼQ1()1`)1%59I$)Aݕɕ % 1= ,I1Qd(ԁ]ЀѠMɕ)1̰́ (̤؁1%̤)ѱ)ܹѱ()ɑѼ ɽM调q]Ѡѡɕյȁɕѥٔѕɵ́ݹѽݸ1)ѡȁݔɕ镐ѡѼɥѡ)ѽѡȁѼх͠ɕѥ́͡ե)ѡɥ٥٥ɽЁɅѥѡЁݥ)䁝ٔݹѽݸمхٕȁѡȁՉɭ́ѡ䰁Ёɽ܁ѡ䁥Ѽ)ѕȁمѥtȁɔɵѥ%مѕQ1͔٥ͥЁܹݹѽݹ)е̽ɽɅ̵ѥѥٕ̽مєѱ((0