DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 7

REAL ESTATE Seasonal Home Buying in DTLA ! Oh, to have a crystal ball… It is an interesting time in real estate and that within itself is a great under- statement. While traditionally, home buyers and sellers have considered the winter a slow season for sellers, the continued growth in DTLA as well as increased access to real time information have made this time of year as busy as most others. ! DTLA has always been a real estate island. Think back just 15 years ago when the major foot traffic in DTLA was paid for time by the hour. Things have changed and we are in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Brand new hotels are being built and opening to support the tourist and convention trade, national retail brands go head to head with trendy pop-ups to lease the retail spaces on Broadway, new restaurants and super cool ven Y\[YZH[HH[][ۈ\[H[Z]Y]Z[X[KBHو[[[ۙY[˂B۝ۙ\&\[YܙYH]HHX]و\ۈ[[Y\›X]\]HX]]\\[ݙHHHXˈX]BYX^Y\Y]وH[[[[Y\X\ۘ[X\]\H[ۘ\Y][[ܞH\Z\Y\[[K[Y^H[Y\[Y]HH[\\H[YH^HX]\H[\\H[ܙH[]] BY[[[ܙH[[YX]K܈\H^OˆBHѕX[H\Y[[HHX[\]H[YHۙ[YYB][ \\[\X X[\]HX\] ]\H[\]HY[ًB][H[Yو\[و\ˈ\\ܙX]YH\[[BK][\\H[Y[[[\\Y\^H]Z\ZYܜ[]ZXH[܈HX^[][H]\[XY[H\\[HYH[ L܂ ML [[[]\[ YX\܈  [Y\][[[ B[ݙHۛY]\H[H\H[H[YH][و]\ۈ[\Y[ˆBXܙ[H\^Hو[ܙH[ K \]ܜX[܋HۙXYHݙ[X\   LHݙ[X\ M  L IH\[ق^Y\[HX\]ZY\x&\[Y[[ܞH[Z\XH[KH\^H[[]H\\[\ NIJHوX]HYKB^Y\\H[[[\X[ˈ\\XZH]X\H܈B\و\ˈ[\[H]HY[]Z\[[][]^H[\\][ۈ܂\X\]۝[[H[\[\[YZ[[\^Y\Y[HYX[ HX\ۜ[ٝ[]Y܈[[HYH[[\\B[\\\][ۈH\H\H]HH^\ۙO[\\HY[ B[ۙY[[^Y\\Hܚ[\[Z\\XX[ B'\[[Y\[[YKX^Z[X\ۈ\\X[\H[[[™܈^Y\\XX[H\ ][YHYX^Y\Z[\]H][ X\ٙ\[Y[\X]\HوYXY[[ܞK8'HZY[\ۈ\XH\Y[وܜܘ]H[][X][ۜ]X[܋K[H][Y[ '[X H]X\\وH[\YKX^Y\]X[Y^H\H[HX\]X]\H^H\H[XH[HYH\[\\YKX^Z[œX\ۋ'